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Demo of TwigList

Give an XML tree T, a twig-pattern matching query, Q, represented as a query tree, is to find all the occurrences of such twig pattern in T. We propose a new algorithm, called TwigList, in dasfaa'07, which uses simple lists to compactly represent the matched results. Both time and space complexity of our algorithm are linear with respect to the total number of pattern occurrences and the size of XML tree. We implement a demo using the external algorithm as explained in our paper, and set the buffer size to be 4kb.

Demo of Concurrent Time Series and Textual Document Mining

Hong Kong is a world financial center. The development in her financial market is, therefore, a key factor to the success of the city. In the FEL, theoretical as well as practical financial issues, such as portfolio selection, financial risk assessment, asset liability management, stochastic control, pricing models and computational methods are studied. For this purpose, sophisticated and systematic methods based on state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice technologies are used.

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